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At the Merabi Organization Group, Succession planning isn’t just for emergencies—it is essential to put our firm stay in the game for the long haul. kambizmerabi photo

Happy Nowruz  to all who are celebrating it. It is the first day of spring & Persian New Year. Spring is an eternal symbol of renewal and rebirth, with light & hope filling the hearts of people around the world. Wishing everyone As we say: Har roozetan Nowruz, Nowruzetan pirooz. kambizmerabi photo

P2.protect China,Theyallowed infected Chinese to travel outside China to spreed the COVID. I personally don’t believe the WHO. They are super corrupt and depend too much on China therefore they lie to protect China.Why should we support and be part this body that is not truthful. kambizmerabi photo

The WHO completes its investigation of coronavirus saying it was transmitted from animals to humans. That is not the point. The investigation needs to be on when China knew and why they kept it from the rest of the world, China didn’t sound the alarm, & hoarded PPE to protect Chi kambizmerabi photo

P2-Therefore we must protect , “everyone from violence and other criminal activity.”
It was built 1793 and it houses chambers for the bicameral legislature, the House of Representatives in the south wing and the Senatein the north wing. Symbols of American democracy
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