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I find myself pondering why politics has taken such a personal turn. Recent Presidential Elections and other significant political events have made discussing views challenging, even among family and colleagues. Emotions seem to run high, and questioning beliefs often drives people to dig their heels in even deeper.

It’s troubling to witness how hostility towards opposing parties has almost become an automatic response for many voters. This doesn’t align with what America stands for. I’m concerned about the future for my kids—it’s crucial to seek common ground rather than create deeper divisions.

Political differences have transcended mere ideology; they’ve evolved into something tribal, fostering loyalty within groups while fueling animosity towards others. This hostility permeates decisions, impacting everything from hiring practices to personal relationships. Witnessing the rise in people who’d oppose their child marrying someone from the opposite political spectrum is disheartening. This isn’t the essence of America.

The core of our nation’s name is “United.” Being united means joining together for a common purpose or by common feelings, according to Webster’s dictionary. Restoring America to what it once was won’t happen by disrespecting each other; it’ll come from listening and finding common ground.

The conflict between Democrats and Republicans seems rooted more in a sense of “us versus them” than solely ideology. Limited contact across party lines enables people to easily fall into caricatures and stereotypes of the other side. It’s time to remember that we’re Americans first, before we’re Democrats or Republicans, progressive, or conservative. I hope we can all move towards the center, uniting as the United States of America.

God bless America.